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Putin was born in Leningrad and studied law at Leningrad State Universitygraduating in He became Acting President on 31 Decemberwhen Yeltsin resigned.

Under Putin's leadership, Russia has experienced democratic backsliding. Experts do not generally consider Russia to be a democracy, citing purges and jailing of political opponents, curtailed press freedom, and the lack of free and fair elections.

Human rights organizations and activists have accused Putin of persecuting political critics and activists, as well as ordering them tortured or assassinated; he has rejected accusations of human rights abuses. Putin sexy Spiridonovich's father was cook to Vladimir Lenin. On 1 September Putin sexy, Putin started at School No. He was one of a few in the class of approximately 45 pupils who was not yet a member of the Young Pioneer organization. At age Putin sexy, he began to practice sambo and judo.

He is a Judo black belt and national master of sports in Sambo. He wished to emulate the intelligence officers portrayed in Soviet cinema. After the collapse of the Communist East German governmentPutin returned to Leningrad Putin sexy earlywhere he worked for about three months with the International Affairs section of Leningrad State Universityreporting to Vice-Rector Yuriy Molchanov. InPutin described communism as "a blind alley, far away from the mainstream of civilization".

In a interview with Oliver StonePutin said that he resigned from the KGB infollowing the coup against Mikhail Gorbachev, as he did not agree with what had happened and did not want to be part of the intelligence in the new administration. On 28 Junehe became head of the Committee for External Relations of the Mayor's Officewith responsibility for promoting international relations and foreign investments Putin sexy and registering business ventures.

Within a year, Putin was investigated by the city legislative council led by Marina Salye. Inhe managed the legislative election campaign for that party, and from through Junehe was the Putin sexy of its Saint Petersburg branch. He occupied this position until March During his tenure, Putin was responsible for the foreign property of the state and organized the transfer of the former assets of the Soviet Union and Communist Party to the Russian Federation.

His predecessor on this position was Alexei Kudrin and the successor was Nikolai Putin sexyboth future prominent politicians and Putin's associates. On 25 MayPutin was appointed First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff for regions, replacing Viktoriya Mitina ; and, on 15 July, he was appointed head of the commission for the preparation of agreements on the delimitation Putin sexy power of regions and the federal center attached to the president, replacing Sergey Shakhray.

After Putin's appointment, the commission completed no such agreements, although during Shakhray's term as the Head of the Commission Putin sexy agreements were signed. Later on that same day, Putin agreed to run for the presidency. On his appointment, few expected Putin, virtually unknown to the general public, to last any longer than Putin sexy predecessors.

He Putin sexy initially regarded as a Yeltsin loyalist; like other prime ministers of Putin sexy Yeltsin, Putin did not choose ministers himself, his cabinet was determined by the presidential administration. Yeltsin's main opponents and would-be successors were already campaigning to replace the ailing president, and they fought hard to prevent Putin's emergence as a potential successor.

Following the Russian apartment bombingsPutin's law-and-order image and unrelenting approach to the Second Chechen War against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria soon combined to raise his popularity and allowed him to overtake his rivals.

While not formally associated with any party, Putin pledged his support to the newly formed Unity Party[73] which won the second largest percentage of the popular vote On assuming this role, Putin went on a previously scheduled Putin sexy to Russian troops in Chechnya. The first Presidential Decree that Putin signed, on 31 Decemberwas titled "On guarantees for former president of the Russian Federation and members of his family".

On 30 Decemberyet another case against the prosecutor general was dropped "for lack Putin sexy evidence", in spite of thousands of documents passed by Swiss prosecution. A case regarding Putin's alleged corruption in metal exports from was brought back by Marina Salyebut she was silenced and forced to leave Saint Petersburg.

The inauguration of President Putin occurred on 7 May Putin sexy The first major challenge to Putin sexy popularity came in Augustwhen he was criticized for the alleged mishandling of the Kursk submarine disaster. Between andPutin set about the reconstruction of the impoverished condition of the country, apparently winning a power-struggle with the Russian oligarchsreaching a 'grand bargain' with them.

This bargain allowed the oligarchs to maintain most of their powers, in exchange for their explicit support for—and alignment with—Putin's government. Ina referendum was held in Chechnyaadopting a new constitution which declares that the Republic of Chechnya is a part of Russia; on the other hand, the region did acquire autonomy.

Putin sexy in the Russian press and in the international media warned that the deaths of hostages in the special forces' rescue operation during the Moscow theater hostage crisis would severely damage President Putin's popularity. The near year period prior to the rise of Putin after the dissolution of Soviet rule was a time of upheaval in Russia.

The continued criminal prosecution of Russia's then richest man, President of Yukos oil and gas company Mikhail Khodorkovskyfor fraud and tax evasion was seen Putin sexy the international press as a retaliation for Khodorkovsky's donations to both liberal and communist opponents of the Kremlin. On 7 OctoberAnna Politkovskayaa journalist who exposed corruption in the Russian army and its conduct in Chechnyawas shot in the Putin sexy of her apartment building, on Putin's birthday. The Putin sexy of Politkovskaya triggered international criticism, with accusations that Putin had failed to protect the country's new independent media.

In" Dissenters' Marches " were organized by the opposition group The Other Putin sexy[] led by former chess champion Garry Kasparov and national-Bolshevist leader Eduard Limonov. Following prior warnings, demonstrations in several Russian cities were met by police action, which included interfering with the travel of the protesters and the arrests of as many as people who attempted to break through police lines.

Fradkov commented that it was to Putin sexy the President a "free hand" in the run-up to the parliamentary election. Viktor Zubkov was appointed the new prime minister. In DecemberUnited Russia won Putin was barred from a third consecutive term by the Constitution. In a power-switching operation on 8 Mayonly a day after handing the presidency to Medvedev, Putin was appointed Prime Minister of Russiamaintaining his political dominance. Putin has said that overcoming the consequences of the world economic crisis was one of the two main achievements of his second Premiership.

Given Putin sexy Russia's Putin sexy dominance of Russian politics, many observers believed that Putin was assured of a third term. The move was expected to see Medvedev stand on Putin sexy United Russia ticket in the parliamentary elections in December, with a goal of becoming Prime Minister at the end of his presidential term. After Putin sexy parliamentary elections on 4 Decembertens of thousands of Russians engaged in protests against alleged electoral fraud, the largest protests in Putin's time.

Protesters criticized Putin and United Russia and demanded annulment of the election results. On 24 SeptemberPutin sexy speaking at the United Russia party congress, Medvedev announced that he would recommend the party nominate Putin as its presidential candidate. He also revealed that the Putin sexy men had long ago cut a deal to allow Putin to run for president in Medvedev said he himself would be ready to perform "practical work in the government".

On 4 MarchPutin won the Russian presidential elections in the first Putin sexy, with Anti-Putin protests took place during and directly after the presidential campaign.

The most notorious protest was the Pussy Riot performance on 21 February, Putin sexy subsequent trial. Some of the attendees stated that they had been paid to come, were forced to come by their employers, or Putin sexy misled into believing that they were going to attend a folk festival instead.

Putin's presidency was inaugurated in the Kremlin on Putin sexy May Other decrees concerned educationhousing, skilled labor training, relations with the European Unionthe defense industryinter-ethnic relations, and other policy areas dealt with in Putin's program articles issued during the presidential campaign. In andPutin and the United Russia party backed stricter legislation against the LGBT community, in Saint PetersburgArchangelsk and Novosibirsk ; a law called the Russian gay propaganda lawthat is against "homosexual propaganda" which prohibits such symbols as the rainbow flag as well as published works containing homosexual content was adopted by the State Duma in June In JunePutin attended a televised rally of the All-Russia People's Front where he was elected head of Putin sexy movement, [] which Putin sexy set Putin sexy in InRussia made Putin sexy military incursions into Ukrainian territory.

After the Euromaidan protests and the fall of Ukrainian president Viktor YanukovychRussian soldiers without insignias took control of strategic positions and infrastructure within the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

Russia then annexed Crimea after a disputed referendum in which Crimeans voted to join the Russian Federation, according to official results. In August Russian military vehicles crossed the border in several Putin sexy of Donetsk Oblast. In Novemberthe Ukrainian military reported intensive movement of troops and equipment from Russia into the separatist-controlled parts of eastern Ukraine.

The majority of members of the international community and organizations such Putin sexy Amnesty International have condemned Russia for its actions in post-revolutionary Ukraine, accusing it of breaking international law and of violating Ukrainian sovereignty. Many [ quantify ] members of the international community assumed that Putin's annexation of Crimea had initiated a completely new kind of Putin sexy foreign policy.

While the act to annex the Crimea was bold and drastic, his "new" foreign policy may have more similarities to his older policies. On 30 SeptemberPresident Putin Putin sexy Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil Warfollowing a formal request by the Syrian government for military help against rebel and jihadist groups. The Russian military activities consisted of air strikes, cruise missile strikes and the use of front line advisors and Russian special forces against militant groups opposed to the Syrian governmentincluding the Syrian opposition Putin sexy, as well as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ISILal-Nusra Front al-Qaeda in the LevantTahrir al-Sham Putin sexy, Ahrar al-Sham and the Army Putin sexy Conquest.

In Januarya U. In SeptemberPutin's administration interfered with the results of Russia's nationwide regional elections, and manipulated it by eliminating all candidates in the opposition. The event that was aimed at contributing to the ruling party, United Russia's victory, also contributed to inciting mass protests for democracy, leading Putin sexy large-scale arrests and cases of police brutality.

Putin's domestic policies, particularly early in his first presidency, were aimed at creating a vertical power structure. On 13 Mayhe issued a decree putting the 89 federal subjects of Russia into seven administrative federal districts and appointed a presidential envoy responsible for each of those districts whose official title is Plenipotentiary Representative.

According to Stephen Whiteunder the Putin sexy of Putin Russia made it clear that it had no intention of establishing a "second edition" of the American or British political system, but rather a system that was closer to Russia's own traditions and circumstances.

Putin does whatever he wants, with little consideration to the consequences with one important caveat. During the Russian financial crash of AugustPutin learned that financial crises are politically destabilizing and must be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, he cares about financial stability. The period after also saw mass protests against the falsification of elections, censorship and toughening of free assembly laws. Putin sexy Julyaccording to a law proposed by Putin and approved by the Federal Assembly of RussiaPutin gained the right to dismiss the heads of the 89 federal subjects.

Inthe direct election of those heads usually called "governors" by popular vote was replaced with a system whereby they would be nominated by the president and approved Putin sexy disapproved by Putin sexy legislatures.

During his first term in office, Putin opposed some of the Yeltsin-era oligarchsas well as his political opponents, resulting in the exile or imprisonment of such people as Boris BerezovskyPutin sexy Gusinskyand Mikhail Khodorkovsky ; other oligarchs such as Roman Abramovich and Arkady Rotenberg are Putin sexy and allies with Putin. Putin succeeded in codifying land law and tax law and promulgated new codes on labor, administrative, criminal, commercial and civil procedural law.

During Putin's first eight years in office, industry grew substantially, as did production, construction, real incomes, credit, and the middle class. A fund for oil revenue allowed Russia to repay all of the Soviet Union's debts by Control over the economy was increased by placing individuals from the intelligence services and the military in key positions of the Russian economy, including on boards of large companies.

Inan industry consolidation programme was launched to bring the main aircraft producing companies under a single umbrella organization, the United Aircraft Corporation UAC.

The Putin sexy was to optimize production lines and minimise losses. A program was introduced with the aim of increasing Russia's share of the European energy market by building submerged gas pipelines bypassing Putin sexy and other countries which were often seen as non-reliable transit partners by Russia, especially following the Russia-Ukraine gas disputes of the late s. Russia also undermined the rival Nabucco pipeline project by buying gas from Turkmenistan and redirecting it into Russian pipelines.

Russia diversified its export markets by building the Trans-Siberian oil pipeline to support oil exports to China, Japan and Koreaas well as the Sakhalin—Khabarovsk—Vladivostok gas pipeline in the Putin sexy Far East. Russia has also Putin sexy built several major oil and gas refineries, plants and ports.

A construction program Putin sexy floating Putin sexy power plants Putin sexy intended to provide power to Russian Arctic coastal cities and gas rigsstarting in